When There’s a Brain Injury at Birth

Much of my work includes tracking incremental changes towards health and wholeness in my clients. “So your foot pain is only once a week now instead of daily? That’s good!” Shifts are often subtle–but very important in the long-term.

However, I occasionally get dramatic reports, like this new case: the client is an infant who experienced a brain injury at birth, followed by seizures. When the parents brought the baby in to begin homeopathic treatment several months later, she was showing developmental delays. I worked the case and prescribed a particular homeopathic remedy.

About two days after the parents gave the first remedy, she starting rolling over–which she hadn’t been able to do before. My thinking at this moment: Great; but maybe it was just a coincidence. It is in the nature of children to change.

Then, a couple of weeks later the baby got a 2nd round of the homeopathic remedy. Twenty minutes later, she began rolling over to the opposite side, something she had never done before.

That one brought tears of joy.

Does homeopathy work?

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