Practicing Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA

It’s such an obvious choice: a community that has a reputation for openness to new ideas; the widespread care for the environment that comes so easily when surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, the mountains, the redwoods. It seems like there are more health food stores per capita than anywhere I know of. And the concentration of holistic health practitioners! Acupuncture, yoga, herbalists, massage therapists, ayervedic doctors–it must be mind boggling sometimes when trying to choose the one (or ones) that might be right for you or someone you love.

For me, it’s always been personal. I didn’t choose to be treated by a homeopath in London 28 years ago. The clinic doctor I stumbled upon while I was travelling happened to be trained in both conventional medicine and homeopathy. “Lucky” is entirely too casual a word; “Life-changing” is not an overstatement.

So here I am, many years later, having become a Certified Classical Homeopath myself, and putting some virtual seeds out there to generate, for others who might need a similar happy accident. Homeopathy is not as well-known in the US as in the rest of the world; thus part of my job is always helping people understand this quite different system of natural healing.

My focus–although certainly not the only thing I do–is on shifting deep patterns in the emotional/psychological realm. Because that was part of my own first experience with homeopathy, I know that it’s possible. And now I get to see it in my clients: nightmares end; panic attacks stop; suicidal thoughts no longer surface; self confidence rises; nerve pain that began from a trauma years ago finally disappears.

So little medicine is needed, when its exactly the right one for you. That’s what I’m trained in: to find the homeopathic remedy that covers your unique combination of symptoms and characteristics. And I love doing it. Let’s talk.

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