Heading off Colds: Tips for the Season

Since I am a homeopath, you might expect that I would be recommending homeopathic remedies in this blog. Surprise! I use other tricks instead.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to NOTICE. What are the tiny little (ignorable) signs that things might be heading the wrong way for you? For me, it’s usually an extra sniffle in the morning. Just a hint. No big deal. But I know now that if I take decisive actions, I can almost always nip it in the bud. Here are the things that work for me:

  • Emergen-C packets, 1000mg of Vitamin C (up to 2 per day)
  • Vitabiotic (by Eclectic Institute) with meals [it’s strong stuff; use carefully]
  • Green tea (the real stuff, not the sugared Arizona version), a lot of it
  • Skip coffee, sugar, alcohol for the day
  • Do a little yoga, especially shoulder stands
  • Go to bed early, sleep in

One reason I don’t use a homeopathic remedy at the beginning stages of a cold is that usually I won’t know which remedy to choose until I develop “characteristic” symptoms. And this is usually after I’m really down with something. It’s so much easier to learn to catch it early!

But if you do come down with something this season you can’t shake, do contact me.

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