When There’s a Brain Injury at Birth

Much of my work includes tracking incremental changes towards health and wholeness in my clients. “So your foot pain is only once a week now instead of daily? That’s good!” Shifts are often subtle–but very important in the long-term. However, I occasionally get dramatic reports, like this new case: the client is an infant who...Continue reading

Why the “Spaghetti Approach” is not for me

As homeopathy becomes more popular (yay!) we see a lot more homeopathic products pop up on the shelves. Many of them rely on what I’ll call “the spaghetti approach:” throw a bunch of remedies at the problem and hopefully something will stick. If something works, you’ll never really know which remedy it was. And if...Continue reading

Allergies: A Cautionary Tale

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are not my favorite way to deal with problems, but I occasionally use them myself, and I don’t generally ask my clients to stop taking them. However, I have had some cases recently from people who take OTC allergy medicine that concern me. Neither of these people came to me for help with allergies. One...Continue reading

Practicing Natural Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA

It’s such an obvious choice: a community that has a reputation for openness to new ideas; the widespread care for the environment that comes so easily when surrounded by the beauty of the ocean, the mountains, the redwoods. It seems like there are more health food stores per capita than anywhere I know of. And...Continue reading

For the Skeptics

I love a skeptic! If you are doubtful whether homeopathy can be effective, I understand.  I am a skeptical person myself.  I can tell you that I see quantifiable results from almost all my clients on almost every visit, as reported by them.  But every person has to be sure for themselves. I welcome people with a...Continue reading

“I never completely recovered from…” Can homeopathy help?

Many of us, maybe most of us, could finish this phrase easily. Maybe for you it was a childhood injury that changed your life. For someone else, it was an intestinal disease they got while traveling. For your friend, the turning point was emotional, perhaps losing their first loved one. For whatever reason, we never...Continue reading

What To Do With The Flu

A recent headline is alerting the public that some of this year’s lethal flu cases are vaccine-resistant. Let’s take a closer look at this: Flu viruses are constantly changing; and the flu vaccines are also changed year to year. But no one can predict the future, so this year’s vaccine is always a guess as...Continue reading

Heading off Colds: Tips for the Season

Since I am a homeopath, you might expect that I would be recommending homeopathic remedies in this blog. Surprise! I use other tricks instead. The best thing you can do for yourself is to NOTICE. What are the tiny little (ignorable) signs that things might be heading the wrong way for you? For me, it’s usually...Continue reading

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