Allergies: A Cautionary Tale

Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are not my favorite way to deal with problems, but I occasionally use them myself, and I don’t generally ask my clients to stop taking them. However, I have had some cases recently from people who take OTC allergy medicine that concern me.

Neither of these people came to me for help with allergies. One woman was having joint issues–surprising, in her 30s. Another had a skin condition that had gotten better and worse over the last few years, but doctors could do nothing to resolve. As I looked at the timeline for when their symptoms came on, I saw that they had both begun using OTC allergy medicine on a daily basis before the symptoms developed. I thought: suppression.

In homeopathic theory, when a person suppresses symptoms without resolving the underlying disturbance that caused them, they become vulnerable to deeper problems. My mentor likened this to the pressure cooker effect: if you block the body’s expression of something in one place, you can force it deeper into the constitution.

The evidence in these 2 cases was clear. As always, I treated the whole person. Because I suspected suppression was part of the picture, I asked the clients to discontinue their allergy medicine while under homeopathic treatment. In the first case, the joint improvement came within weeks. In the other, it took a few months for the skin symptoms to improve; but her mood and energy improved in the first month.

So! spread the word. And contact me if you or someone you know would like help getting in shape for spring. I’m always available for a free preliminary conversation. Email or call to set up a time to talk.

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