About Cynthia Kingsbury

Cynthia Kingsbury, homeopathic practitioner

Cynthia Kingsbury, CCH, is a Certified Classical Homeopath trained at the rigorous 4-year program at the Institute of Classical Homoeopathy in San Francisco. She has been treating clients since 2006. She practices in northern California and worldwide, via video conference. She is a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, a professional organization. Her certification is through the Council for Homeopathic Certification.

“Although I have learned a tremendous amount about homeopathy through books, my first experience of it was personal–lifting me from a deep grief I hadn’t even been able to name, as well as eliminating the PMS symptoms that were my original complaint. Having that experience left no doubt about the power of this kind of treatment. It is incredibly gratifying when I can see these transformations in the lives of my clients.”
— Cynthia Kingsbury

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“Cynthia is terrific at listening, asking questions and taking everything into account to make sure she narrows down the most relevant remedy just for you.”
Nina R. on Yelp

“My daughter feels so much better since she started working with Cynthia, her homeopath. I am so very grateful to have found her! Cynthia isn’t just another one of those practitioners who ‘dabble in homeopathy, she has had excellent training at one of the best schools in the country, and this is her vocation. We are so fortunate to have her here in town in Santa Cruz and not have to drive to San Francisco to find someone of her caliber. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, or anxiety, or some inexplicable symptoms that a medical doctor has no answer for, or are just plain tired – see Cynthia!”
Pamela R.