Who Can It Help?

Teenagers and Children

Many parents face difficult decisions when their child’s behavior causes harm to themselves or others. Sometimes it seems like psych meds are the only answer. Homeopathy is a form of holistic treatment for teenage depression, for the inability to focus (ADHD), and for uncontrollable anger.

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People with Depression

After a few months of homeopathic treatment, Beth began to return to her old self.Dark thoughts were rare. She began taking action to bring in some income. She even started exercising, something she had been meaning to do for years.

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People with Insomnia

Conventional medications for insomnia can have undesirable side effects, and are often very expensive. Choosing an alternative treatment for insomnia such as homeopathy, on the other hand, can have you sleeping better in weeks;  it is much safer, and cheaper in the long run.

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People with Anxiety, including PTSD

Most people are unaware that homeopathic treatment can help people on the psychological level. But we practitioners see it all the time. Clients are able to shed unthinkable traumas under personalized, quality treatment. It is some of the most inspiring work we do.

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People With Chronic Physical Conditions

As a holistic form of treatment, most conditions can be treated using homeopathy. In fact,it is often when “everything else has failed” that people seek this kind of treatment. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, arthritis, Bell’s palsy, and the lingering effects of concussions are some of the few conditions that I have seen improved with the right homeopathic remedy.