Vitamins & Supplements vs. Homeopathic Remedies

Even though homeopathic remedies ARE made from natural substances–plants, minerals, animals, etc.–they are qualitatively different from vitamins and supplements. You could think of homeopathic remedies as super-concentrates, or essences. Because they are much more powerful than their “crude” origins, they are classified as medicines, and thus need to be used much more carefully. For example, if you are self-treating, don’t repeat a remedy for more than 3 days. If it hasn’t helped you by then, it isn’t going to!

 Another difference in using herbs vs using a homeopathic remedy is that, while herbs might be used to address individual symptoms–e.g., a runny nose or constipation–homeopathic remedies are designed to treat the whole person, taking into account not only all physical symptoms, but emotional and mental issues as well. This whole-system aspect also means that the correct homeopathic remedy for any given person is much more difficult to find.