What to Expect After Taking Your First Remedy

In the first few weeks after taking a homeopathic remedy, many things are possible! You may start feeling better very soon. (Everyone likes this result.) Or you may notice no difference at all. This is fairly unusual, actually. It’s more often the case that the changes were subtle enough that you may not have noticed them until your homeopath asks you at your follow-up appointment.

The third possibility is that you may feel worse for awhile. And this is the type of reaction that a professional homeopath needs to be watching. Because:  sometimes the perfect remedy will temporarily intensify what you already have, or bring old symptoms back. And THEN you get better.  This is where the word “homeopathy” comes from: it means that “Like cures like.” The remedy that is best for you, is one that would produce the symptoms you already have in a healthy person. Said another way, the remedy pushes your body in the same way it is already going (symptom-wise) in order to jumpstart your own natural healing process. So sometimes this is going to mean feeling worse before you feel better. But always ask your homeopath if you have any concerns about a response you are having.