Rates, Treatment Plans

A real conversation where you are fully listened to.

A real conversation where you are fully listened to.

Most people come to me for “Constitutional Treatment.” Constitutional treatment covers all types of complaints, and allows for the deepest treatment and healing. It includes all symptoms or issues that are ongoing (as opposed to short-term or acute).

Gathering this information involves an in-depth intake lasting about 2 hours–a significant time investment on both your part and mine. But this time is well spent, because that storehouse of data can inform your treatment for months or years to come.

Because a single homeopathic remedy must be chosen (from amongst hundreds!) to fit your unique combination of symptoms and characteristics, it can take a few tries to find the one that best fits you. The follow-up sessions provide me with the necessary feedback to know whether we are on the right track, and when it’s appropriate to change remedies or potencies.

To create optimal conditions for the best results, and to make it more affordable, I designed this “3-Visit Special Package.” It includes:

  • The initial intake (2 hours);
  • Your first 1-hour follow-up appointment 3-4 weeks later;
  • Your second 1-hour follow-up appointment 3-4 weeks after that

After completing the Special Package, the cost of continuing treatment involves 1-hour follow-ups, which are $90. How frequently you need follow-ups varies, but most clients do well having appointments every 1-2 months.

Special Package–Your first 3 visits for $375 (you save $95):


Special Package by Subscription Plan: 2 payments of $190 each over 2 months, using credit/debit card or Paypal:

Initial Intake Only (Constitutional Treatment) for $290:


Follow-up Session for $90:


I do also sometimes treat “Acutes”–e.g., cold, coughs, flus, etc.  Acute treatment includes one week of care:  the initial phone call (30-45 minutes), plus 2 short follow-up calls or emails to see how the remedy is working.

Acute Treatment (one week) for $90:


OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you would like to pay by credit card, I can either get that information at the appointment, or you can use the Paypal button above. Paying by check is also an option. You can mail the amount to: 1632 Broadway Street, #356, Eureka, CA 95501.  Do contact me if you have any questions about rates or if you would like to arrange a payment plan. We can usually figure out a way to make this kind of treatment affordable. Just ask.

–See if it’s right for you: Schedule a free 20 minute conversation with Cynthia by email  at cynthia@simplyhomeopathy.com or by phone at 831.431.0855