People With Chronic Physical Conditions

Frequently, it’s when “everything else has failed” that people seek homeopathic treatment. Migraines,  IBS, hormonal imbalances, recurrent bronchitis, and Bell’s palsy are just a few of the many conditions that I have seen improved with the right remedy. As a truly wholistic form of treatment, most conditions can be treated using homeopathy–without producing the kinds of side effects of most conventional medicines.

1428733700“Cynthia has made tremendous change in my immune system that other modalities (acupuncture, herbs, supplements) were not able to do. Before seeing Cynthia, I was sick with a bad cold, sinus infection, flu, bronchitis or ear infection every 10-30 days for 3 years after my twins were born. Every year I would get 1-2 sinus infections that would require antibiotics. With Cynthia’s remedies I have been able to avoid antibiotics and my immune system is ROCKIN’! I can’t say enough good things about Cynthia’s bedside manner, her availability and responsiveness, and those remedies that are able to effect such good change!”

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– Alex B.