A Natural Reaction That Keeps on Going

One of the coolest aspects of homeopathy that many people aren’t aware of is how little it can take to feel better for a long time. It’s pretty typical for a client of mine to get one dose of a homeopathic remedy and have it keep working for 3-6 weeks! How can this be? It’s not that the substance itself actually lasts that long. What happens is that the remedy sets off a natural reaction within your own system and the healing reverberations just keep going.

This is great on so many levels:

  • It means homeopathic remedies are not going to break your budget.
  • It means that homeopathic remedies are better for the environment since we are taking less out of it and putting less in.
  • And it means that some people will be able to get off conventional medicines that are going to do long-term damage if taken daily for the rest of their lives.

And I think that’s pretty cool.