People with Insomnia

Most people would rather not have to take pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of their lives to be able to sleep. Conventional medications for insomnia can have undesirable side effects, and are often very expensive. Choosing an alternative treatment for insomnia such as homeopathy, on the other hand, can have you sleeping better in weeks;  it is much safer, and cheaper in the long run.

Two of Cynthia's recent clients have been sleeping through the night for the first time in years since getting treated.

Sleep deprivation can affect all parts of your life.

Here’s how the right homeopathic remedy resolved this patient’s longstanding sleep problem:

“Heather” was in her 40s, a professional, and a mother of two teenagers. Even though she was tired at the end of her busy days, it was common for her wake up so often that she rarely got a good night’s rest. When she came in for treatment, she had been having insomnia for 23 years. After 4 months of homeopathic treatment, Heather was using virtually no sleeping aids and was resting well. She also described herself as “more even-keeled; non-reactive.”

Homeopathic remedies are an amazing form of alternative medicine that, even though they’re made from natural sources, are very powerful. They stimulate the body’s own healing system so that you get better on every level.