Will homeopathy interfere with other meds? Very unlikely. Here’s why.


How Conventional Medicines and Homeopathic Remedies Interact

The good news is that–with very few exceptions–they don’t interfere with each other. This means that if you are currently taking prescription medicines but you’re also interested in trying homeopathic treatment, you don’t have to wait.

One exception to this rule is medicines that are steroid-based. The reason for this lies at the core of how homeopathy works:  the genius of the homeopathic remedy is its ability to trigger the body’s own healing mechanism. But! this is diametrically opposed to what steroids are designed to do, which is to suppress the body’s immune system. It wouldn’t actually hurt you to take both at the same time, but the homeopathic remedy wouldn’t have much chance of working since the steroids would be interfering with the body reacting in a natural way.

So if you are taking steroids but would like to pursue homeopathic treatment, we would start with a (free) conversation to determine what would be the best option for you in your unique situation.