People with Depression

Pharmaceutical anti-depressants are not the only answer.

Pharmaceutical antidepressants are not the only answer.

Homeopathic remedies can be a great alternative to antidepressants:

“Beth” had been out of work for more than 2 years. She was inexplicably exhausted much of the time. Some days she would find herself sobbing and have no idea why. It seemed like life had slowed to a standstill. Sometimes her despair was so deep she felt like there was no point in continuing to live. After a few months of homeopathic treatment, Beth began to return to her old self. Dark thoughts were rare. She began taking action to bring in some income. She even started exercising, something she had been meaning to do for years.

The homeopathic remedy that suited her unique combination of symptoms had been found, and she was on her way to true health–starting from the deepest level.

1428733700“Cynthia is both caring, kind, and careful, the type of person you are not afraid to share embarrassing and private details with. I received treatment for depression/PMS and problems with my digestive system, and, much to my surprise, happiness, and well-being, received quick relief in both cases. She’s very accommodating to special circumstances and needs. She responds to my questions and concerns right away even if one of us is currently in a different time zone. She also pays very close attention to details, even mundane ones, that might somehow be related to the problems being treated. I highly recommend Cynthia!”

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– Marisa R.