“I’m healthier than 10 years ago.” Constitutional treatment: the long view

My own experience with long-term constitutional treatment is that, at 51, I am healthier and happier than I was 10 years ago. At 40, I was starting to have joint issues: weak knees on rising, achy shoulders from old injuries and overuse. Several colds a year went into weeks of bronchitis, sometimes asthma and pneumonia. I had to take daily supplements to ward off urinary tract infections (which twice already had become kidney infections). I was usually too tired to exercise, and just felt worse if I did. I had a weird tingling in my legs and frequent urination (pre-diabetic?). My weight had creeped into the “overweight” category on the chart. I also noticed that I was slowing down mentally. Friends began to say, “Yeah, isn’t getting older a drag.”

I have NONE of these problems now. And what’s even cooler but harder to measure, is that I feel more “myself” every year. My confidence and my ability to “be” in the world continues to unfold, as fewer and fewer fears and anxieties drag me down. While I’m aware there are many paths to healing, I feel deeply grateful to have stumbled onto homeopathy as mine. For me, the journey is life-long. –Cynthia